About Us

Goran One is a small clothing label from Dominican Republic. Imagined on the Highest Mountain Range in the Caribbean and brought to life in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. 

Founded on December 15th, 2015 by three young adult entrepreneurs. We are proud to be a pioneer clothing brand, the first of its kind in the Dominican Republic.

We craft inspiring visual experiences in the form of clothing for both men and women. We just offer products that we're very very fond of. In addition to this, one of our main goals is to expose the beauty of the natural landmarks of our home country and around the world.

As a group of treps, we are always open to collaborations. If you have a cool idea or project in mind, throw us a line at goranonebrand@gmail.com We'll be thrilled if we hear from you. We love to talk.

Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter. We don't mail often, probably once a month max. Or you can join us on Instagram. 

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